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Two Cranes - Two Ports - Two Oceans - One Final Destination, Lima Peru!

PCB Freight Cranes to Lima Peru

If that sounds like a great adventure - it certainly was! When we take on a project, we aim for excellence and we also aim to enjoy the work as it is performed as much as possible to offset the often grueling requirements.

Two Cranes

This a story about a recent mining project in Lima, Peru. We were contracted to support the delivery process of two additional mobile cranes. That doesn’t sound too out of the ordinary - until you get into the terrain. The reference to two oceans is because one crane shipped from New York, across the Atlantic - via the port of Baltimore; and the second crane crossed the pacific, from Vancouver - via the port of Tacoma - courtesy of PCB Freight Management Ltd. and RoRo Vessels. We specialize in Ocean Freight and look forward to sharing some of the many, seemingly impossible, and always full of adventure deliveries we have been involved in. Everything from Circuses to Olympics! We are proud to have partnered with this successful venture in particular and look forward to new challenges ahead! Big Projects, Big Challenges - Big Solutions! PCB Freight Management Ltd. Project Division - call us 24/7 at 1-866-535-4038 or Email us at [email protected] PCB Freight Management now offers online tracking for your shipments! Visit our website: and click on "Track a Shipment" for the current status of your shipment. Thank you for using PCB Freight Management for your transportation needs! "We are your Air, Courier, Ground, Ocean & Project Solution!"

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