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BCMEA and ILWU Negotiation to Resume February 22

The BCMEA has provided the following update on Friday February 18, following the week long disruption in negotiations. The negotiations on a new contract between the International Longshore and Warehouse Union Canada and the B.C. Maritime Employers Association have been stalled since late last week after employers accused cargo-handlers of a deliberate slowdown in production which in their (employers) view was an illegal work to rule campaign.

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More Than 40 Pirates Arrested in One Week

The Indian Navy and Coastguard captured a group of 28 pirates after a failed hijacking last Thursday, just days after another band of 15 pirates, who had been terrorizing shipping for months, had been arrested reports IFW. Officers said the 28 pirates had surrendered 185km off Kavaratti, in Lakshadweep, in the early hours of 6 February after warning shots were fired at the group.

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